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kmeans.sql_in File Reference

Set of functions for k-means clustering. More...


void internal_execute_using_kmeans_args (varchar sql, float8[][], regproc, integer, float8, varchar)
integer internal_compute_kmeans (varchar rel_args, varchar rel_state, varchar rel_source, varchar expr_point, varchar agg_centroid)
void __kmeans_validate_src (varchar rel_source)
boolean __kmeans_validate_expr (varchar rel_source, varchar expr_point)

Detailed Description

See also
For a brief introduction to k-means clustering, see the module description k-Means Clustering.

Function Documentation

◆ __kmeans_validate_expr()

boolean __kmeans_validate_expr ( varchar  rel_source,
varchar  expr_point 

◆ __kmeans_validate_src()

void __kmeans_validate_src ( varchar  rel_source)

◆ internal_compute_kmeans()

integer internal_compute_kmeans ( varchar  rel_args,
varchar  rel_state,
varchar  rel_source,
varchar  expr_point,
varchar  agg_centroid 

◆ internal_execute_using_kmeans_args()

void internal_execute_using_kmeans_args ( varchar  sql,
float8  [][],
regproc  ,
integer  ,
float8  ,