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utilities.sql_in File Reference

SQL functions for carrying out routine tasks. More...


void cleanup_madlib_temp_tables (text target_schema)
 Drop all tables matching pattern 'madlib_temp' in a given schema. More...
text cleanup_madlib_temp_tables_script (text target_schema)
void cleanup_madlib_temp_views (text target_schema)
text version ()
 Return MADlib build information. More...
void assert (boolean condition, varchar msg)
 Raise an exception if the given condition is not satisfied. More...
float8 relative_error (float8 approx, float8 value)
 Compute the relative error of an approximate value. More...
float8 relative_error (float8[] approx, float8[] value)
 Compute the relative error (w.r.t. the 2-norm) of an apprixmate vector. More...
boolean check_if_raises_error (text sql)
 Check if a SQL statement raises an error. More...
boolean check_if_col_exists (text source_table, text column_name)
 Check if a column exists in a table. More...
boolean isnan (float8 number)
 Check if a floating-point number is NaN (not a number) More...
void create_schema_pg_temp ()
 Create the temporary schema if it does not exist yet. More...
void noop ()
 Create volatile noop function. More...
bytea8 bytea8in (cstring)
cstring bytea8out (bytea8)
bytea8 bytea8recv (internal)
bytea bytea8send (bytea8)
varchar __internal_get_col_names_except_dep_variable (varchar source_table, varchar dependent_varname)
 Get all column names except dependent variable. More...
varchar __unique_string ()
 Generate random remporary names for temp table and other names. More...
varchar [] _string_to_array (varchar s)
 Takes a string of comma separated values and puts it into an array. More...
text bool_to_text (boolean)
 Cast boolean into text. More...
text __to_char (anyelement val)
 Cast any value to text. More...
set< _grp_state_type > _gen_state (text[] grp_key, integer[] iteration, float8[] state)
float8 _final_mode (float8[])
aggregate float8 mode (float8)
void dropcols (varchar source_table, varchar out_table, varchar cols_to_drop)
 Creates a new table with a subset of columns dropped from another source table. More...
boolean is_pg_major_version_less_than (integer compare_version)
integer trap_error (text stmt)
boolean test_error_msg (text stmt, text msg)
boolean test_input_table (text stmt)
boolean test_output_table (text stmt)
boolean is_ver_gp_640_700_or_pg_11 ()
void assert_guc_value (text guc_name, text expected_guc_value)
boolean is_table_unlogged (text tbl_name)

Detailed Description

See also
For a brief overview of utility functions, see the module description Database Functions.

Function Documentation

◆ __internal_get_col_names_except_dep_variable()

varchar __internal_get_col_names_except_dep_variable ( varchar  source_table,
varchar  dependent_varname 

◆ __to_char()

text __to_char ( anyelement  val)
valA value with any specific type.
The text format string for the value.
Greenplum doesn't support bit/boolean to text casting.

◆ __unique_string()

varchar __unique_string ( )

◆ _final_mode()

float8 _final_mode ( float8  [])

◆ _gen_state()

set<_grp_state_type> _gen_state ( text []  grp_key,
integer []  iteration,
float8 []  state 

◆ _string_to_array()

varchar [] _string_to_array ( varchar  s)

◆ assert()

void assert ( boolean  condition,
varchar  msg 

◆ assert_guc_value()

void assert_guc_value ( text  guc_name,
text  expected_guc_value 

◆ bool_to_text()

text bool_to_text ( boolean  )

◆ bytea8in()

bytea8 bytea8in ( cstring  )

◆ bytea8out()

cstring bytea8out ( bytea8  )

◆ bytea8recv()

bytea8 bytea8recv ( internal  )

◆ bytea8send()

bytea bytea8send ( bytea8  )

◆ check_if_col_exists()

boolean check_if_col_exists ( text  source_table,
text  column_name 
source_tableSource table
column_nameColumn name in the table
TRUE if it exists and FALSE if not

◆ check_if_raises_error()

boolean check_if_raises_error ( text  sql)
sqlThe SQL statement
TRUE if an exception is raised while executing sql, FALSE otherwise.

◆ cleanup_madlib_temp_tables()

void cleanup_madlib_temp_tables ( text  target_schema)
target_schemaTEXT. The schema that takes affect.

◆ cleanup_madlib_temp_tables_script()

text cleanup_madlib_temp_tables_script ( text  target_schema)

◆ cleanup_madlib_temp_views()

void cleanup_madlib_temp_views ( text  target_schema)

◆ create_schema_pg_temp()

void create_schema_pg_temp ( )

◆ dropcols()

void dropcols ( varchar  source_table,
varchar  out_table,
varchar  cols_to_drop 
source_tableName of the table containing the source data.
out_tableName of the generated table containing the output. If a table with the same name already exists, an error will be returned.
cols_to_dropComma-separated string of column names from the source table to drop. An error is returned if the output table does not contain any columns or if a requested column is not present in the source table.

◆ is_pg_major_version_less_than()

boolean is_pg_major_version_less_than ( integer  compare_version)

◆ is_table_unlogged()

boolean is_table_unlogged ( text  tbl_name)

◆ is_ver_gp_640_700_or_pg_11()

boolean is_ver_gp_640_700_or_pg_11 ( )

◆ isnan()

boolean isnan ( float8  number)

This function exists for portability. Some DBMSs like PostgreSQL treat floating-point numbers as fully ordered – contrary to IEEE 754. (See, e.g., the PostgreSQL documentation. For portability, MADlib code should not make use of such "features" directly, but only use isnan() instead.

TRUE if number is NaN, FALSE otherwise

◆ mode()

aggregate float8 mode ( float8  )

◆ noop()

void noop ( )

The only use of this function is as an optimization fence when used in the SELECT list of a query. See, e.g., http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-sql/2012-07/msg00030.php

◆ relative_error() [1/2]

float8 relative_error ( float8  approx,
float8  value 

◆ relative_error() [2/2]

float8 relative_error ( float8 []  approx,
float8 []  value 

◆ test_error_msg()

boolean test_error_msg ( text  stmt,
text  msg 

◆ test_input_table()

boolean test_input_table ( text  stmt)

◆ test_output_table()

boolean test_output_table ( text  stmt)

◆ trap_error()

integer trap_error ( text  stmt)

◆ version()

text version ( )
Summary of MADlib build information, consisting of MADlib version, git revision, cmake configuration time, build type, build system, C compiler, and C++ compiler